General Information

Welcome to our developer portal. On this site you can find all the required information you need in order to integrate with us.

We can offer you two types of integrations:

  • XML
  • EDI

You can send two types of XML documents to us:

  • Order Requests
  • PA (Price and availability) request


We can test your order request towards our test system. Before you send your XML towards our test, we kindly ask you first to validate your XML. You can test your XML via this link: XML Validation

URL Addresses

  • Production Environment:
  • Test Environment:

Simulation and XML Validation

You can validate your XML with our XSD schema. This ensures that your XML is valid and contains the required markup. Please validate your XML here

You can simulate Order Request and PA Requests. You can choose the following XML responses:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Dispatch Advice

The PA Request requires a valid username and password.

If you need Invoice or Credit memo in XML please contact your local EET sales representative.


For the best test results we recommend a valid username and authentication code, however you should use our Order Request and PA Request simulation wizards. Please contact your local EET sales representative for a valid username and password.